Séminaire 3 avril 2018 – Rory Loughnane « Shakespeare After Shakespeare »

Séminaire Epistémè du mardi 3 avril à 17h dans le petit amphi (Institut du Monde Anglophone).

Conférence de Rory Loughnane (Université du Kent)  « Shakespeare After Shakespeare »
La conférence sera précédée d’une réunion autour du projet « Ecritures MatériELLES », à 15h30 en salle 16.

‘Shakespeare After Shakespeare’

By the time of Shakespeare’s death in 1616, his old playing company had long since moved on. Nature abhors a vacuum, and following Shakespeare’s retirement in early 1614 others had emerged to take his place. This paper considers some of the writing and professional activities of Thomas Middleton and John Fletcher in the period between Shakespeare’s retirement and the 1623 publication of his Comedies, Histories & Tragedies. It then discusses the evidence for Middleton’s adaptation of several of Shakespeare’s plays during this period, and considers how Middleton’s interactions with these texts might impact upon how we think about the ‘Shakespeare’ canon. In doing so, the paper considers the current state of play in Shakespearean authorship studies.

Rory Loughnane is Lecturer in Early Modern Studies at the University of Kent. An Associate Editor of The New Oxford Shakespeare (2016-), he edited over ten plays for the edition and co-authored with Gary Taylor a book-length study about ‘The Canon and Chronology of Shakespeare’s Works’ (Oxford UP, 2017). He is the co-editor of five essay collections, including Late Shakespeare, 1608-1613 (Cambridge UP, 2012) and Celtic Shakespeare (Ashgate, 2013), and is the co-editor of the anthology, The Memory Arts in Renaissance England (Cambridge UP, 2016). He is currently editing The Complete Works of Cyril Tourneur for Revels Drama (Manchester UP), completing a monograph about the period in theatre history following Shakespeare’s retirement, and co-edits with Laurie Maguire the book series Studies in Early Modern Authorship for Routledge.