Journées d’étude, 4-5 déc. 2014, « Objects of Early Modern Literature », Londres (Sorbonne Nouvelle, Queen Mary et V&A)

Epistémè- PEARL (EA 4398 PRISMES), Projet innovant “Les objets de la littérature baroque”

CEMM-NET (Centre for early modern mapping, news and networks), Queen Mary, University of London

Victoria & Albert Museum

“Objects of Early Modern Literature”

 4-5 December 2014, London

 Provisional Programme

 4 December

Queen Mary, London


Joad Raymond, Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise, Line Cottegniess


Joad Raymond (Queen Mary), “Newsletters in early-modern Europe”

Ruth Ahnert (Queen Mary), “Newsbooks and images”

Louise Fang (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle): “The King was slyly fingered from the deck”: card games, playing cards and the imagery of kingship in Shakespeare’s Henry VI

Claire  Labarbe (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle): French Suits and the Fashioning of Standard English-pattern Packs : Understanding the Playing-Card  Device in Samuel Rowlands’s Series of Knaves


13:15-14:15: SESSION 3:  ORNAMENTS

Nancy  Oddo (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle), Objects of coquetry in French devotional narratives of the Baroque age

Anne-Valérie Dulac (Université Paris Nord), Miniatures and diplomacy in the early modern period


14:15-14:45: Break

14:45 -16.15 pm Session 4: MUSIC

Chantal Schütz (Ecole Polytechnique), Music scores, news and drama in early modern period

Simon Smith (The Queen’s College, Oxford), Lutes on the stage

Jo Norman (Victoria and Albert Museum), Politics, Baroque Music and Material Culture


16.15 -18.00 Session 5: MAPS

Laïla Ghermani (Université Paris Ouest) “Paradise’s only map”: Maps and the Writing of Edenic Space in Early Modern Literature

Nydia Pineda (QMUL) Maps of the Moon

Ladan Niayesh (Université Paris Diderot), The map as metonymic prop in Shakespeare’s King Lear

Jerry Brotton (Queen Mary), Mapping a map: the Hereford mappa-mundi from two to three dimensions


 5 December

Morning session: Blythe House

10.30-12.30 SESSION 6: Materiality

Angela McShane (V&A), Introduction

Susan North (Furniture, Textiles and Fashion, V&A), Putting the ‘fabric’ into Material Culture

Rebecca Unsworth (AHRC CDP Queen Mary/V&A), male/female gloves – as a source for fashion news

Guillaume Coatalen (Université de Cergy),‘Not so good as she would desire’: the quest for the perfect pair of gloves in early modern England

Denis Lagae-Devoldère (Université Paris-Sorbonne), Gloves in the theatre of the Restoration.


12.30-13.45 LUNCH

Afternoon session: V&A, SEMINAR ROOM

13.45-15.15 SESSION 7: Consumption

Angela McShane (V&A/RCA), History of Design Subjects and Objects: Political Drinking Rituals in 17th-Century England

Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle), Black and White Veils – Mourning, Sanctity and Fashion

Barbara Lasic (V&A), to be announced.

Bill Sherman (V&A), Consumption in the early modern period

15:15-17:00: Tour of the galleries

17:00 – 19.00: Reception

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Soutenance d’HDR, Pierre Kapitaniak, 14 nov. 2014,

Le vendredi 14 novembre, à 14h00, à l’Institut du Monde Anglophone (salle 16), Université Sorbonne Nouvelle,

M. Pierre Kapitaniak (MCF, Paris 8) soutiendra une Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches intitulée: « Ecrire sur les démons dans l’Angleterre moderne ».

Le jury est composé de : Roger CHARTIER (Collège de France), Bernard COTTRET (Versailles-St Quentin-en-Yvelines), Armand HIMY (Paris Ouest, Rapporteur), Nicole JACQUES-LEFEVRE (Paris Ouest), François LAROQUE ( Sorbonne Nouvelle, Directeur), Ladan NIAYESH (Paris-Diderot, Rapporteur)

La soutenance est publique.