COLL: « Performing Grief », 17-18 oct. 2014, Paris-Sorbonne

EA 4086: HDEA — Histoire et Dynamique des Espaces anglophones

International Conference
Denis Lagae-Devoldère and Marie Pecorari

Friday 17 October
Salle des Actes, Paris-Sorbonne (main building)
8:30-9:30: registration and welcome breakfast

9:30-10: Resting Places, a performance lecture by Bram Thomas Arnold (Falmouth University)
Panel 1: Rituals and Representations of Grief in Irish Culture
10-10:30: Lionel Pilkington (National University of Ireland, Galway): “Performing Grief: A Case Study from Irish Theatre”
10:30-11: Hélène Lecossois (Université du Maine): “J. M. Synge and the Irish Ritual Lament”
11-11:30: coffee break
11:30-12:30: keynote address by Diana Taylor (University Professor, New York University): “TEMPORALITIES OF MOURNING – PERSONAL, SOCIAL, POLITICAL”

12:30-2: lunch at Club des Enseignants

Panel 2:  ‘To Act, to Do, to Perform’: Grief, Autobiography and Self-fashioning
2-2:30: Aphrodite Evangelatou (Goldsmiths College, London) “The Pleasure of Performing Grief: A Study on the Connections between Erotic Pleasure and Sadness in Performance”
2:30-3: Louie Jenkins (University of Chichester): “Writing Mum: Shame, Mourning and Performance”
3-3:30: Sarah Julius (De Montfort University, Leicester): “Fear of Letting go: Re-performance, Mourning, and Legacy”
3:30-4: Christophe Lebold (Université de Strasbourg): “From Troubadour of Gloom to Smuggler of Light: Performing Grief in Two Moments in Leonard Cohen’s Stage Act”
4-4:30: coffee break
4:30-6: Spent, a performance paper by Rachel Gomme (Queen Mary, University of London)

Saturday 18 October
Maison de la Recherche, Centre Serpente (28 rue Serpente, a five-minute walk from the main building), Room 035
9-9:30: breakfast
Panel 3: Expressions of Grief in Early Modern Culture
9:30-10: Robert Appelbaum (Uppsala Universitet): “Guilty Grief: Late Shakespeare and the Responsibility for Death”
10-10:30: Paula Barros (Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier 3): “Cultural Performances of Grief and Self-empowerment in Early Modern England, c. 1600-1660”
10:30-11: Chantal Schütz (Ecole Polytechnique): “’Can Doleful Notes, to Measured Accents Set, Express Unmeasured Grief?’: Grief and Music from the Early Modern Playhouse to the Operatic Stage?”
11-11:30: coffee break
11:30-12:30: keynote address by Isabel Karremann (professor, Universität Würzburg) “Monumental Oblivion and Theatrical Memory: Jacobean Memory Politics and the Performativity of Grief in Antony and Cleopatra”

12:30-2: buffet lunch in the hall
Panel 4: Reconstructing Memories: Sensations and Efficacy
2-2:30: Alexandra Neel (Loyola Marymount University): “Dickens’s Totemic Theater, or Animating the Franklin Relics”
2:30-3: Richard Phelan (Aix-Marseille Université): “Performing or Chloroforming Grief? Esthetics and Anesthetics in the Poems of Emily Dickinson”
Panel 5: Healing the Wounds: Public Grief and Its Representations in Contemporary South Africa
3-3:30: David Peimer (Edge Hill University): “A Brief Moment in the Great Postcolonial Story: Representations of Grief in Contemporary South African Theatre”
3:30-4: Janine Lewis (Tshwane University of Technology): “[dis]illusion: a self-reflexive exploration of space and expressive performance as a healing constellation process”
4-4:30: coffee break
4:30-5:20: Etiquette of Grief, a solo performance by Ellie Harrison (independent artist)