COLL: « Katherine Philips 350: Writing, Reputation, Legacy », 26-28 June, Dublin

Marsh’s Library, Dublin

26-28 June, 2014

Day 1: Thursday, 26 June

9.45-10.15. Registration
10.15-10.30. Welcome

10.30-11.30. Panel 1: Publishing and Editing
Ben Crabstick, Independent Scholar
Philips and Print Publication: The Stationer’s Perspective
Sarah Ross, Victoria University of Wellington
Editing Katherine Philips for Women Poets of the English Civil War

11.30-12.00: coffee break

12.00-1.00. Panel 2: Literary Contexts
Sajed Chowdhury, King’s College London
« All oppositions are contiguous »: Hermetic Metaphysics in the Poetry
of Katherine Philips
Paula Loscocco, Lehman College/CUNY
Epithalamic Poetics in Katherine Philips and John Milton

1.00-2.00: lunch

2.00-3.30. Panel 3: Translation
Penelope Anderson, University of Indiana
Can a woman deserve the name of enemy? Gender, War, and Law in Katherine
Philips’s Corneille Translations
Line Cottegnies, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
Katherine Philips’s Translation of « La Solitude de St Amant »:
Between Mediation and Appropriation
Deborah Uman, St John Fisher College
Translatio imperii, Translatio studii: Conquest and Collaboration in Katherine
Philips’s Dramatic Translations

3.30-4.00: coffee break

4.00-5.00. Plenary:
Linzi Simpson, Archaeological Director, Smock Alley Theatre excavations
From 19th-century Church to 17th-century Theatre: The Archaeological Discovery
of Smock Alley

6.00-7.00. Visit to Smock Alley Theatre (optional)

Day 2: Friday, 27 June

9.30-11.00. Panel 1: Religion and Memory
Katia Fowler, University of Chicago
« And why this Vault and Tomb? »; Memorial Culture and Friendship in
Katherine Philips’s Poetry
Bronwyn Wallace, University of Pennsylvania
Religion in Our Love: Aemilia Lanyer, Katherine Philips, and the Politics and
Poetics of Devotional Eroticism
Hui-Chu Yu, National Pingtung University of Education
Religious Allusions and the Royal Image in Katherine Philips’s Poems

11.00-11.30: coffee break

11.30-1.00. Panel 2: Afterlives
Victoria Burke, University of Ottawa
The Couplet versus the Poem: Late Seventeenth-Century Women Reading Katherine
Andrea Sununu, DePauw University
« I long to know your Opinion of it »: The Serendipity of a Norton
Inquiry and a Malfunctioning Timing Belt
Nathan Tinker, Independent Scholar
KP in Connecticut: The Surprising Afterlife of Pompey’s Ghost

1.00-2.00: lunch

2.00-3.30. Panel 3: Ireland
Andrew Carpenter, University College Dublin
Katherine Philips’s Dublin Admirers: « Philo-Philippa » Unmasked
Patrick Tuite, Catholic University of America
Making the Case for Artaban: Examining New Play Development in Ormond’s
Court through the work of Robert Leigh
Lee Morrissey, Clemson University
« Behold this Creature’s form and State& »;: Katherine Philips and
the Early Ascendancy

4.00-5.00. Plenary:
Professor Sarah Prescott, Aberystwyth University
Katherine Philips and Wales
Conference Dinner (optional)

Day 3: Saturday, 28 June

9.30-11.00. Panel 1: Friendship
Sonya Cronin, Trinity College Dublin
Spes Alunt Exsules: Clandestine Communications in the Verse Letters of Katherine
Helen Draper, Courtauld Institute Mary Beale (1633-1699), Katherine Philips, andthe Art of Friendship
Scott Howard, University of Denver
« That Noble Flame »: Literary History and Regenerative Time in
Katherine Philips’s Elegies and Society of Friendship

11.00-11.30: coffee break

11.30-1.00. Plenary:
Professor Elizabeth H. Hageman, University of New Hampshire
« Katherine Philips, Her Bookes: 1664-2014 »
1.00. End of conference