COLL: « Tears in Performance », Paris-Sorbonne, 21 mars 2014

« Not a Dry Eye in the House »: Tears in Performance

Denis Lagae-Devoldère (Paris-Sorbonne) / Marie Pecorari (Paris-Sorbonne)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Paris-Sorbonne Université @ Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Auditorium
9-9:30: Welcome breakfast and registration

Panel 1: Early Modern Perspectives

9:30-9:50: Paula Barros (Montpellier): “Performing Grief: The Political Uses of Tears in Hamlet and The Widow’s Tears”

9:50-10:10: Gary Harrington (Salisbury University): “Angling for Hearts: Manipulative Weeping in Shakespeare”

10:10-10:30: Chantal Schütz (Ecole Polytechnique): “Thou Weep’st for Lust’: The Ambivalence of Tears in Middleton’s Comedies”
10:30-10:45: Q&A

10:45-11: Coffee break

Panel 2: Transcultural and Transhistorical Perspectives

11-11:20: Alessandra Zanobi (Oxford): “Ancient Tears in Performance”

11:20-11:40: Marco Menin (Turin): “Acting Tears: The Morality of Weeping in the 18th Century French Debate About Theatre”

11:40-12: Brianne Colon (Queen’s University): “’A Scavenger unto the Face’: Handkerchiefs and Female Virtue in the Restoration and 18th Century Playhouse”
12:-12:15: Q&A

12:15-1:30: Lunch

Panel 3: Breaking Boundaries: The Theatre of Tears and Other Media
1:30-1:50: Monika Elbert (Montclair State): “’I Like a Look of Agony, Because I Know It’s True’: Tears, Kisses, and Verisimilitude in Hawtorne and Alcott”

1:50-2:10: James Barloon (University of Saint Thomas): “’As the Gentle Rain’: Dickens’ Tour of Tears”

2:10-2:30: Joshua Canzona (Georgetown): “The Tears of Saint Joan Against the Boundaries of Language”
2:30-2:45: Q&A

2:45-3: Coffee break

Panel 4: Practicing Theory, Theorizing Practice

3-3:20: David Jackson (Birmingham School of Acting): “Science and Actor Training”

3:20-3:40: Paul Elsam (Teesside): “Talking Tears with Actors”

3:40-4: Traci Kelly (independent scholar): “To Provoke Tears: Performing Histories of Induced Weeping”
4-4:15: Q&A

4:15-4:30: Coffee break

Panel 5: Ethics, Empathy and Audience Response
4:30-4:50: Helen Iball (Leeds): “Catching Tears: Questions of Empathy in Contemporary ‘Intimate Theatre’”

4:50-5:10: Rebecca Reeves (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama): “Are You Really Feeling It? An Exploration of the Supplementary Nature of Crying in Performance and the Empathetic Experience of Performance-Making and Dissemination”

5:10-5:20: Q&A